3M's Sand Bar Restaurant Sandy Pond NY
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3M’s Sandbar Sandy Pond NY

The Sand Bar has full scale beverages & 10 TV’s for viewing most sporting event. It has a large dining area and a banquet room for special occasions. A pool table, shuffleboard and dart board are also available.

3M’s Sand Bar is the brainchild of three close friends. Mike Kline, a third generation Sandy Ponder and a proud Comet introduced his girlfriend Mary to Boater’s Beach over ten years ago. They then included Miller, who was best friend since they were kids with Mary – they have been here ever since (Mike can’t get rid of them!).

The 3M’s always talked about creating their own bar/restaurant in this area after realizing the opportunity to purchase one arose; and so it came into reality! Their goal has been achieved by renovating this casual bar/restaurant where you can grab a drink or burger or sandwich as well as enjoy fresh lake fish dinner while bringing your date, family members including kids along with you on occasion- welcomed are all!

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