ADA Compliance with UserWay Accessibility Widget

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Syracuse ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act was written long before the internet became such an integral part of our lives. Because of this, many websites don’t consider the need to be a ADA compliance website (ADA compliance website checker) or have any sort of accessibility to those with vision, hearing, or other challenges. Many rely on the computer or phone the user has to provide these accessibility functions. However, website owners can certainly add ADA compliance tools. One such tool is the WordPress UserWay accessibility widget.

What Is UserWay?

UserWay is a widget add-on for WordPress that assists users with navigating your website. It doesn’t change your website design, layout, content, or code in any way. Instead, it provides keyboard-only navigation, allows users to change the contrast of the text and background, increases the font sizes, and much more. It’s designed for people of all ages and disabilities, including those who are blind, deaf, and mobility impaired. It even helps elderly users who may not be comfortable moving a mouse or who are not familiar with navigating websites.

Why Use It?

While it’s true that there are few regulations requiring websites to offer services to those with impairments, it’s also true that there is a large demand for these services. Companies such as Target, H&R Block, Netflix, and Carnival Cruises have all been sued for failing to provide accessibility options for users on their websites. Companies that haven’t yet been the subject of legal action have received thousands of letters demanding accessibility options.

As a small business, you may not be facing this type of demand yet, but why wait? Being ADA compliant now sets you up for the future. It also makes a statement to your customers: you care about everyone who may need your products and services, and you’re willing to take steps to be inclusive.

We can help you install UserWay on your WordPress site. Contact us today to talk more about this unique widget.

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