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Amber Pump & Water Treatment

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Do you need well water pump or treatment services? Does your water taste odd? For all well water services "Look No Further, Look to Amber Pump & Water Treatment, LLC" Call 315 636-8211 or 315 727-4644 Bryan Wolf in the Syracuse, New York area & CNY residential and commercial service.

Amber Pump and Water Treatment is dedicated to providing all of our customers with the best water possible. We want you to have excellent quality, which we can ensure by testing your current water for hardness and offering a free estimate. If it turns out that you do in fact have hard water, we will take care of correcting the issue as soon as possible so that your home has great-tasting water again! In addition to serving people who need maintenance or repair on their pumps or tanks, Amber also offers new installations when warranted. Our many years in this industry mean you can count on us for any needs related to pumping and storing fluids!

Amber Pump and Water Treatment sells, installs, and maintains water treatment systems. It also provides a range of pumps and storage containers that can be used in residential areas to treat or clean the water supply. However, routine thorough testing is necessary in order to gauge the safety of the water we live with; this allows for determining which filtration options are right for us.

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