Why Artificial Intelligence Is Useful

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence takes a step when it comes to global logistics and supply chain management. According to a number of executives from the transportation industry, these fields are expected to undergo a more significant transformation. The ongoing evolution in technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and similar new technologies is said to have the potential to bring disruption and lead innovation in this industry.
Artificial intelligence comes with computational techniques that help choose large amounts of data collected from logistics and supply chains. You can use such methods, and they can be analyzed to get results that can start complex processes and functions.

Many organizations have now benefited from investing in artificial intelligence. As per Adobe, currently, 15% have started using AI while the other 31% plan to implement it by 2019. Some fields where revenue can be generated are research and development, product innovation, supply chain operations, and customer service.

Impact of artificial intelligence in Logistics Prediction ability will increase.

The company’s efficiency in the field of network planning and predictive demand is increasingly enhanced with AI capabilities. Companies become more proactive by having tools that can help with accurate capacity planning and demand estimates. When they know what the market expects, they can quickly move vehicles to areas with more demand and thus lower operating costs.

To avoid risk, anticipate events, and find solutions, technicians now use data. Data helps companies to use their resources in the right way for maximum benefit, and artificial intelligence helps them more accurately and faster.


You can’t talk about artificial intelligence without mentioning robots. Although robotics is considered a futuristic technology concept, the supply chain has used it. They are used to track, find and move inventory in the warehouse. The robot is equipped with a deep learning algorithm that helps robots make autonomous decisions regarding the various processes carried out in the warehouse.

Big data

For logistics companies, Big Data helps to optimize future performance and accurate forecast estimates are better than before. When insight into Big Data is used in conjunction with artificial intelligence, it helps to improve the various supply chain fields such as supply chain transparency and route optimization.

For AI in the logistics industry, generating clean data is a big step, and they cannot implement it without having a number that can be used. It is not easy to measure efficiency because data comes from different sources. At the source level it is not possible to improve such data, so algorithms are used to analyze data, improve data quality and identify problems to achieve transparency that can be used for business profits.

Computer vision

When you transport cargo throughout the world, it’s always good to have a pair of eyes to monitor, and that can be the best when it comes to advanced technology. Now you can see things in a new way using computer vision based on artificial intelligence for logistics.

Autonomous vehicle

Autonomous vehicles are the next big thing offered by artificial intelligence supply chains. Having a truck without a driver can take a long time, but the logistics industry now uses high-tech driving to improve efficiency and safety. Significant changes are expected in this industry in terms of assisted braking, lane-assist, and highway autopilot.

To achieve lower fuel consumption, a better drive system appears that serves to unite several trucks to have a formation. Computers control the formation and they are connected to each other too. Such a configuration is said to help trucks save fuel specifically.

Impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in Supply Chain:

AI offers contextual intelligence.

AI provides a supply chain with contextual intelligence that can be used by them to reduce operating costs and manage inventory. Contextual information helps them to return to the client quickly.

The company uses AI along with machine learning to gain new insights into various fields which include warehouse management, logistics and supply chain management. Some of the technologies used in this area are Visual Inspection supported by AI to identify damage and make necessary corrections by taking cargo photos using a special camera and Intelligent Robotic Sorting to sort shipping, parcels, and letters that are palletized.

AI offers insights to increase productivity.

By utilizing AI in supply chain management, it is possible to analyze its performance and produce new factors that have an impact on the same area. To find factors and problems that affect supply chain performance, AI combines the capabilities of various technologies such as reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning and supervised learning.

AI helps to forecast by analyzing large volumes of data.

AI is used to measure and track all factors that can work to offer accuracy in demand estimates. By weather, real-time sales and other factors, this provides a continuous estimate in a circle. This type of information can help with automatic sorting, improved warehouse management, self-management of inventory systems and self-driving forklifts.


AI can analyze supplier-related data such as audits, complete delivery performance, credit assessments, evaluations, and based on sending information that can be used to make future decisions. Such steps help companies make better decisions as suppliers and strive to improve customer service.

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