Tips for Better Corporate Video Viewability

Tips for Better Corporate Video Viewability

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By Paul Nandrajog

Numbers are the best indicators of reality. That being said, Forrester Research says that a one-minute corporate video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. It gets even better; a report published on Forbes reckons that 90% of all online shoppers depend on viability of corporate videos before making a buying decision.

The Beauty of Digital Marketing

That is not even the gist of investing in digital marketing, more so an effective video production. These tools are easily sharable, easy to access, and with over 3 billion people online, you can bet your campaign will be highly visible.

What’s more, they are cheap to produce and highly interactive thus making them an ideal communication tool. In addition, you can target a specific market thus drawing relevant traffic to your page.

Making Your Productions Viewable

Like in every other marketing tool, there is a catch. In this case, the Online Publishers Association (OPA) says most productions have poor visibility. The solution as a company executive is to make your ads highly visible in order to enjoy high ROI.

How then do you capitalize on this aspect to make your investment count? Here are some simple ideas:

1. Focus on a Strategy

While a corporate production might differ from usual advertisements, the bottom-line according to a Google ad Study is all about prior planning. You have to question the objective of this tool in your business, its application and the role of your staff. Simply put, you must focus on strategies and tactics that will help achieve your aims.

2. Let the Call to Click Stand Out

First things first; why would your firm invest so much time and money only to bury the call to click under an inconspicuous tab on your page? If your main purpose is to educate, inform, entertain or market your brand, then let viewers be attracted to click in order to watch. The state of visability makes all the difference between users watching and getting lost in the labyrinth.

3. Leverage Mobile Devices

According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), over 78% of all internet users are using mobile gadgets whether it be tablets, smart phones among others. As such, your tactics will only be viable if your content is watchable on such devices or else you will be losing big.

4. Location is King

This is a double-pronged aspect; for starters, you must choose the ideal location for your video production. This will depend on exactly what the purpose of the tool is. More importantly, you have to consider where to place the video on your website. If it is not on the main page and prominent enough, then you are cutting off a large chunk of viewers who might not go beyond this landing page.

There is no denying that digital marketing is the future of your business but then for it to work you have to make use of a professional in order to capitalize on the enormous presence of customers online.

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