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Camillus Republican Committee

Our website is designed with the Camillus community in mind. We hope you find this site informative and engaging with our Committee, candidates, and our vision to help make Camillus strong and vibrant – a better place for you to live in!

The Camillus Republican Committee is the advocate for tax fairness and getting the greatest possible return of tax dollars to Town of Camilli. We seek high caliber educational services, medical care, municipal service at fair costs to our community. We are committed to increasing voter registration and turnout – supporting Republican candidates who will be most responsive to what needs in this town. As such we strive for increased enrollment as Republicans and promote voting out any Democratic candidate from office through actively encouraging citizens who vote differently than you do on local level elections or appointments; promoting party members registering themselves as Republicans so they can use their power more easily; trying your best not only with average GOP voters but also with unaffiliated ones too!

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