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Christine Smiles

Christine, who was an exceptional mother and spouse, was described by her family as open and gentle-spoken. She was vivacious, loving, and always cheerful. The name Christine Smiles originates from her most prominent quality, her smile. In addition to lung cancer, she was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer and then colon cancer. The cancer eventually caused her bowel blockage, resulting in a colostomy.

Despite being given less than a month to live, Christine survived all the problems she was facing and lived for about six more months. During her many hospital visits, she saw children who were also afflicted with the horrid disease and always wished to assist them.

The purpose of Christine's Smiles is to keep Christine's memory alive and to continue battling cancer by contributing money to cover costs for children with cancer and disabilities. By creating this fundraising website, the family can commemorate her life and honor her memory. Any contribution you can make will assist children with cancer and disabilities to cover their expenses. No donation is too small, and your contribution will help ensure that all patients receive the care they need.

Christine is described by her family as someone who always thought of others. It was during her many trips to the hospital that she got to see the children who were suffering from cancer and disabilities. Due to her selfless nature, even though she was suffering from the disease herself, she was always concerned about the children.

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