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Day of Joy

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Day of Joy 2020 | Cicero, New York, Fort Myers Florida

If you are looking for an outstanding Christian Women's Conference that takes inspiration, fellowship and prayer to a whole new level, YOU are in exactly

Day of Joy is a conference ministry designed to enhance and energize the spiritual lives of Christian women. Join us for a day of joy with a ministry that has been changing the lives of women since 2009. These incredible one-day events bring women together to help pursue a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to strengthen women’s relationship with Jesus. There is so much power and strength in Christ. We want women to know and lean on Him. We are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and neighbors. Mostly we are children of God and followers of Christ. For some who may not have a relationship with Jesus, we hope to lead them to Christ. We want to spread His good news to our sisters in Christ. We want to joyfully laugh together in His house!

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