Music and Web Design

Music and Web Design

Music and Web Design

By A. Korobitsin

In the early days of the Internet, web designers were oftentimes experimenting with different types of content to see what it did for their clients. Today, there are conventions in page layout and content that surfers have come to expect and that can be counted on to provide you with happy visitors. One of the most controversial elements, perhaps, is music. Music is included on several sites. Depending upon your target audience, it may or may not be a good choice. One of the most important things to make sure of is that your designer offers the visitor a choice about music.

Some sites simply start playing music when they load. Most often, it’s a song on a loop that will play over and over as long as the surfer remains on the page. If the song is three minutes long, you can be pretty sure that you’re looking at 3 minutes of visitor retention in most cases. No matter how much people like a song, they usually only want to hear it once during a sitting.

Some designers will encourage you to use animated pages that include music as a part of their makeup. These more advanced pages usually have a stop button that allows the visitor to mute the music. Some of them have options to play different songs. The big issue with this type of content is whether or not it’s worth the money to have it installed. Aesthetics, especially where music is concerned, are not universal. Some people love having music on a page and others hate it. You also have to consider what type of music you put on your page.

If your designers are really encouraging you to add a musical element to the page, consider making it an option that doesn’t auto play. The fact is that many visitors may not share your taste in music. You may think that a Beethoven piano piece lends your site a lot of class, and that may be true in your eyes, but some of your visitors may hate piano music. When people don’t like a page they see online, they usually just leave. Maybe you have great musical taste, but that doesn’t mean that all your visitors do, or that they’d agree about your taste.

If you want music on your page, check a designer directory for companies that specialize in multimedia content.

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