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You might not want to sell your products globally or try to please the global audience, but businesses from all corners of the world are utilizing online presence analysis and positive online presence campaigns to keep being relevant in today’s fast paced technological world. Yet, there are enough small business owners who do not give due importance to positive online presence and underestimate their potential of generating new customers and opportunities.

Usually, the first thing noticed by your potential customer online is your business website. According to a latest research, 80% internet users search for websites and products. The trend is seeing a global momentum with a growth rate of more than 50% every year. Because the journey of a customer from browsing to transaction is so long, a positive online presence can give your business a better chance at directing the consumers from awareness phase to the conversion phase. This is where online presence or brand management campaigns come in place. Here are 7 reasons why you should build a positive online presence around your brand or business.

1. Greater Visibility

Getting listed in online portals, having conversations around your brand and having an SEO optimized website can increase your visibility to astounding levels. Getting a positive online presence can help you build and expand your customer base and increase the chances of conversions remarkably.

2. Makes You Reachable

Your website acts as a physical entity representing you in the digital universe. That means, you and your products or services are accessible to a global population. This again increases your chances of expansion, build new customers and attract more revenue.

3. Enhances Customer Support

Active and positive online presence of your website invites new customers for feedback, queries or simply purchases your products or services. Responding to queries online will result in an increase in customer satisfaction.

4. Improve Brand Value

More positive conversation around your brand or business increases your brand value globally. A better brand value means long term customer relation and therefore, increases in revenue.

5. Boosts Credibility

A healthy chatter, positive online presence and easy visibility improves the credibility factor of your business by a huge margin. With trust & credibility, your business can retain existing customers and build new ones for a long period of time, giving your business the sustainability it deserves.
It is therefore imperative for businesses to conduct regular online presence analysis and device a well-crafted strategy for online presence management. At SG Intellect, we have a team of public relations executives, brand managers and digital presence managers who provide end-to-end online presence and brand management strategies. Learn more about your business’s online presence today by ordering our online presence analysis report.


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