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Everything comes with its own advantage and disadvantages. PPC advertisements has undoubtedly proven itself to be exceptional in successful online marketing. According to various brands, despite having several Affordable Search Engine Marketing options, PPC marketing is believed to be the best in industry for online promotion of business. Before stepping into SEO, it is always wiser to opt for PPC marketing in order to track the profitability of keywords and ROI. Like any other technical mode, Pay-Per-Click advertising too has its own pros and cons.

If you have come across ads while making search on search engines, then you have surely seen PPC advertisements on different websites. Unlike other online marketing forms, you don’t have to pay for your advertisements on timely basis. The brands only have to pay when someone clicks the ad. This at times turns out to be profitable but at the same time can be unpredictable as you can’t ensure whether your ads will get more prominent appearance than your competitors. Thus, PPC marketings’ benefits come along with the disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC marketing can be really tricky as well as troublesome to maintain at times. The disadvantages are as followed.

Complex to execute

Like any other digital marketing process, PPC too is not at all a smooth-work. With lot of variables and money involved in PPC, it can be really tough for brands to use it carefully. Often handling PPC on your own can increase complexity. Hence, it is wiser to hire professionals who can deal with the complexities like a pro.

It is never for free!

Despite having the profitable sides, if brands are still not opting for PPC marketing, one of the reasons can be that PPC is not free. For small businesses and new startups, saving each penny turns out to be very important. Without proper knowledge of what you exactly want to do with PPC, it can add on to your expenses. As such, in today’s time, rivalry is so much a thing that the competitors intentionally click on their rival brands’ ads to increase their cost. It can really be a big issue, for the companies which do not have a handsome amount of budget.

Ads are not visible after the campaign

Pay-Per-Click works as long as you pay. When you publish your PPC advertisements on different websites, your ads remain there as long as the site is there. While, PPC depends on your pay. If you stop paying, the ads will no longer appear on search results. When starting a brand PPC can be helpful, but due to a restricted budget you might not be able to continue it later. But for bigger brands this might not be an issue as such they hold a large budget for marketing.

Doesn’t guarantee any result

When a customer click on an ad, it doesn’t ensure that the company will be benefited. Often despite getting clicks, PPC fails to generate traffic. People often get excited about setting up their own AdWords or Bing Ads despite thinking that this might not result into something really huge. To make your online marketing campaigns work, you need to ensure that all of them are properly maintained with a strategy. Ensure that the ads target the keywords which people use on search engines. Make your ad appealing and compel the users to click on it.

People ignore ads

While searching for relevant content on Google or other search engines, people often get annoyed seeing several ads and end up ignoring them. Having been caught up in own circumstances, the ads often do not make it to people’s notice. Thus, for obvious reasons PPC can be seen on the negative side.

Advantages of PPC Advertisements

The disadvantages might be one of the reasons for restricting yourself from using PPC for your brand, but at the same time you cannot simply ignore its benefits which are vivid.


Retargeting is one of the most beneficial part of PPC. You can target your customers on the basis of their previous search. Retargeting uses the cookies from previous search and shows ads which are relevant to the search. People who have once visited your websites can also be targeted with this. This often becomes fruitful, as the first encounter might not be enough to grab their attention, but regular visits can approach them to click on ads.

Ensure Quick Visibility

Many reputed ppc agency in los angeles believe that PPC when coupled with SEO can be really profitable for brands. SEO often takes a long period of time to get the position on top search results. But if you pair SEO with PPC, you can target more traffic, that also within 48 hours.

Get both local and global exposure

When you opt for PPC marketing, your ads appear on vivid websites and to different customers from all around the world. Thus your brand doesn’t only get familiarity with the local customers but reaches the global market.

PPC is under your control

One of the most striking advantages of PPC is that you can manage it from start to end. You can have a full control over the bid, the longevity of your ad campaign, target keywords and the overall costing.

Till now, if you were refraining from using PPC marketing to get your brand an exposure like never before, then it’s the high time you should realise that your business is missing out on so many things. Make more profits in your business with PPC advertising.

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