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By Mark West

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Visitors to your site could be quite fickle minded and ready to move on if they don’t instantaneously find what they are looking for. Therefore, within a few seconds of them having landed on your website, you should be able to provide just that. Before they move away with the click of a mouse you want to capture their attention so that they spend a little longer and in the long run some dollars there.

o The first thing that you could let the visitor know is what is in it for them. Every person would like to know that how that particular product or service is going to make a difference in their lives. They would like to know about the benefits and how it is different from the rest of the herd. Therefore, your home page must be able to do all the selling. It must inform your visitors about the product and all the features. It should highlight how it is going to get rid of their problems. Your homepage must have as many active verbs as possible. This will shake up the visitor to take immediate action to buy your product or place an order for it.

This will drive your visitor into action by the use of energy and enthusiasm. Do not shy away from blowing your trumpet and letting the customer know about which big names you have been associated with. Highlight the discounts that they will be entitled to if they order right away. Increase the sense of urgency and time bound action to be taken. The home page must also immediately let them know what they need to do in order to place an order. Once they have decided to buy from you, you do not want them wasting a single moment to think over the deal.

o People do like the feeling of having walked away with a bargain that was hard to resist. This way they can go on to justify their purchase. Barter is a good way to attract customers new and the loyal ones. You could talk about the barter of the old for the new. This gimmick is never known to have failed. Where people can get their old clothes and exchange them for a stack of new ones by throwing in some money. This does not make the buyer feel guilty and you will end up making more sales for certain.

o You could also gain visibility by offering something free. The moment the visitor sees something free or on discount they will spend more time. More time will get converted into more sales and dollars for you.

o Next are pictures. Pictures can never go wrong as our brain thinks in pictures rather than in words or letters. The message from a picture can hit the brain and the other corresponding senses immediately. A picture will let the customer know what he is getting. This is specifically for people who like to feel what they are buying. Sometimes stuff on the internet can come across as intangible.

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