By Carl J Corrigan Do pubs need a website? With 55 million internet users in the UK, the vast majority of which log on every day, it is not possible that potential new customers of yours are not using the internet, so it makes a great deal of sense that you give them the opportunity […]

By Angeline Plesek Do you spend hours driving traffic to your business website pages through social media, search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, etc… and then find your conversion rates and sales are less than desirable? “Focus on the Customer!”-this is a very important topic if you are a business owner or manager, copywriter, online marketer, […]

Technology is getting bigger and better and this means that the world is gradually becoming a global village. Today, anyone can sit in their homes in the Nigeria or Ghana and be able to know the latest news in India, United States of America or even Venezuela. Yes, this is the power of technology that […]

You recognize that your start-up service requires a web site and also a good one at that. So you have actually made the decision to have actually one built by a professional web developer. Great phone call, however there is more to dealing with a web sit builder than calling them up as well as […]

By Wade Henderson The world of business has been re-written by the use of today’s World Wide Web. Not that long ago the thought of a business trading globally was not really a realistic concept. But now with the introduction of ecommerce web design there has been a drastic revolution in the market trends. These […]

By Carlston Hamblin Favicon is the acronym for- “Favorites Icon”. It is a tiny graphic that replaces the standard web page icon in your browser’s Address bar for better website’s visibility. It is a small image placed in the web site root directory and is a resource file used by web sites to customize a […]

By Choco Verma In today’s fast paced digital arena, where technology has played a significant role to bring excellence in each and every work domain. Custom website development is yet another precious contribution of our technological innovations, which has certainly bridged the gap between the products and their consumers. Nowadays, it is not only limited […]

By James Corr Planning, We Don’t Need No Stinking Planning! Business planning is another step in the process of developing your business that many people would rather skip all together. “Planning? We don’t need no stinking planning!” If you’re not familiar with the line then you’ve been deprived of a comedic masterpiece, but I digress. […]

By Lucas Keith Raby It is imperative that every small business in this day and age has a website. It is not only a web address for your business, if cleverly designed and properly managed, it is your 24/7 marketing department and sales department put together under one umbrella. Lets not go jumping straight into […]

One area where web designers and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals usually butt heads is over the use of images as text instead of actual plain text, usually done in the navigation or other important elements of a website. This can cripple an SEO implementation by limiting the effectiveness of elements that could have been […]

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