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Located in Camillus, just west of Syracuse, New York and serving clients throughout the state of New York. Our attorneys provide agricultural succession planning, business planning estate planning services to individual families and closely held family businesses.

We, at Walker Law Firm, P.C., understand the importance of farmers and farming in New York State. We are taking steps to serve you well by providing the legal representation that your business needs.

At Walker Law Firm, P.C., we understand the importance of farming and are committed to providing legal services to agricultural-based businesses in New York State. We have clients that include dairy farms, grain farms, fruit and vegetable farmers, beef farms (including lamb and egg), as well as agritourism businesses like wine tasting tours or a farm stay over night experiences for guests visiting your business. With our diverse backgrounds – including working closely with other professionals such as educators – consultants or advisors who are familiar with agriculture can help you address the unique needs of each business continuity plan required by succession plans when trying to pass down your farm one day! The fact is each Farm succession planning process is different; this includes how much experience do you have locally? This is why it’s so important for us at Walker Law Firm ,PCC . No two ways about it: It takes time if not years before an attorney gets enough practical experience which will enable them to develop customized Farm Succession Plans for their clients which fully addresses all assets needed from tax strategy recommendations through creditor protection strategies.

Whether you are starting a new business or need assistance with your current company structure, we can help create a successful and strategic business plan.

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