Why Every Law Office Needs A Website 

By Pragati Bidkar Lawyers come with different specialties. You could be a trial lawyer, criminal lawyer, civil disputes lawyer, corporate or immigration lawyer or an expert on cyber law. Most people may not be aware of the different niches that a lawyer may practise in. Meaning you are grouped with the hundreds of other lawyers […]

Maintaining Your Website 

By Bethany Davidson There are various ways one may go about Maintaining a Website. Maintaining a website ensures that the website is up to date fully functional and continuing to serve its purpose of drawing viewers to your services or information. There are things that can be fixed occasionally such as broken link, un-updated content, […]

7 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Refresher! 

By Adam J J Smith Technology, programming, and website standards are constantly changing and progressing. Whereas a site that was designed five years ago may still work, you might be very surprised to learn that, the same programming and design is actually keeping potential customers from buying your products or services. If your website was […]

Do Pubs Need a Website? 

By Carl J Corrigan Do pubs need a website? With 55 million internet users in the UK, the vast majority of which log on every day, it is not possible that potential new customers of yours are not using the internet, so it makes a great deal of sense that you give them the opportunity […]

Why Does A Travel Agent or Travel Services Company Need A Website? 

 By Alex H D Almost every conventional industry has moved to having an online presence in some form or the other. The travel industry is no different. In fact the “dot travel” domain name tld was one of the first new tlds to help identify the domain name and break away from the “dot […]

Why Every Writer Needs a Website 

By Sabrina S Siracusa Why does every writer need a website? The most obvious reason–because every serious business has one! A website acts like your storefront. It tells your potential clients that you are in business and you are here to stay. The last thing a prospective client wants is someone who here today, gone […]

Do Nonprofits Really Need Nonprofit Websites? 

By Chris M Green Nonprofit websites are websites for nonprofit organizations. Such organizations include charities, different religious organizations and churches and any organization that does not issue stocks, its surplus funds are not distributed to shareholders or owners can be called nonprofit organizations (NPO). Many of such organizations are charities who collect money usually through […]

Benefits of Having School Website 

By Glenn Dang Having a website, whether for personal or business purposes, is now commonplace. Many however, prefer to build blogs (weblogs) rather than a static site because the former is much easier to implement. But whether it is a blog or a website, the bottom line is always online presence, and schools need to […]

Get More Personal Training Clients With an Enticing Website 

By Ryan S Price You can get more personal training clients with your website however, less than 10% of trainers know the secrets to an enticing offer. Many potential customers click off your site, never to return because you pay little attention to how enticing you can make your services appear. You need to stop […]

Why Interior Designers Need Websites 

By Faith Monson Nearly half of U.S. small businesses have websites, according to USA Today. Even before the financial crisis, small businesses and solo professionals had begun turning to the Internet to reach a global audience and to better serve their customers right next door. Experts predict that companies without a web presence will be […]

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