Website Development Services in Syracuse, NY

Website Development Services in Syracuse, NY

What is website development?

Website development is the process of creating, launching, and maintaining a website. Website development professionals use diverse programming languages (e.g. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) for this purpose. Nowadays, other options for creating websites have emerged that don't require coding skills. These include Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, which powers about 43% of all Internet websites.

Website development in Syracuse, NY

Although web development do-it-yourself options simplify the process and give you more control over a website, it is best to let a web developer help you set up and launch your site in Syracuse, NY. Afterward, if you want, the professional can orient you on how to manage it and keep it updated using a CMS. Furthermore, if your site needs maintenance, has a bug (unexpected error) to fix, or you’d like some inspiration to improve it, having a web designer on your side can be of great benefit.

What are the two pillars of the website development process?

Creating a new website involves two different but equally important aspects: front-end and back-end development. Front-end development includes all the visual components of a website, like graphics, fonts, layout, content, and color. Web design is how these elements are developed and integrated into a visually appealing website. This results in the part visitors browsing a website can see, and it's critical because the first impression they get from its overall appearance will determine if they continue browsing or leave.

However, what good is it to have a beautiful site that is slow, has broken links, and doesn't work as expected? That's where back-end development comes in. Back-end development involves a website's technical aspects that keep it functional. Building code, fixing bugs, and managing data uploaded into the website are examples of this process which is only indirectly perceived by website visitors as they browse the site. Good back-end development keeps everything on your site running smoothly.

Professionals specialize in either front-end or back-end development. Still, some, called full-stack developers, are skilled in both types. Hiring a full-stack web developer in Syracuse, NY, will facilitate your website creation process. This is because working with only one professional in tune with your web development project's specifications (purpose, goals, audience, features, brand, et cetera) can help harmonize both process dimensions (front-end and back-end) to render a beautiful and functional site that will engage your target audience.

Contact a web developer in Syracuse, NY, to learn more about successfully planning, developing, testing, and launching your website.

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