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Syracuse Website Maintenance

One mistake small business owners often make is believing that their website is done when it goes online. There’s actually much more that needs to go into a website. That’s why we provide extensive website maintenance as needed. This not only keeps your customers updated on your company changes, but also ensures that your website continues to function correctly and can be found by search engines.

Website Updates

Over time, your company is going to grow and change. You may add more locations, bring in new business partners, or offer new products and services. We will keep your website updated so customers always have access to the most accurate information. Adding products is especially important for eCommerce sites. Even websites that don’t sell online need to have information about their newest services or add articles relating to changes in the industry or area.

SEO Maintenance

SEO is vital in today’s online world. Your website keywords may perform as expected early on, but as search engine algorithms change, they may need to be adjusted in order to keep traffic flowing to your website. SEO methods may also change, and your website needs to be updated regularly to keep up with those changes.

Platform Maintenance

Websites built on WordPress may have to be reworked over time as WordPress and the various plug-ins used on the website change. Often, the updates to the WordPress platform are minor, and most websites won’t need to be changed after these small patches. However, when WordPress updates to a new version or when key plug-ins change, your website may need to be updated to take these changes into account.

Industry Standard Maintenance

Finally, the industry standard changes over the years. For example, today, websites are expected to be easy to use on phones, laptops, tablets, and many other devices. No one knows what technology will bring, and at times, your website will need to be updated to make use of that technology.

We can provide all of this maintenance as needed. Whether you want regular keyword maintenance to ensure your SEO is on point or the occasional updates to content, we can help. Does Your Business Need a Website Maintenance Plan? Contact us today for more information.

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