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Whispering Oaks

If you have always wanted to live in a home that truly inspires you, then this is the place for you. Located just west of the village of Baldwinsville, Whispering Oaks is close to lots of amenities but just far enough away so as not to be bothered by any noise.

In 1988, developers created Whispering Oaks in Baldwinsville, NY with beautiful homes that attracted discriminating buyers. They were able to create a land connection to the east of their site at one point for future development and when a local farmer approached them about leasing his property for some time they made an agreement – allowing him/her/them farm on part of it for a period. Later that first year as crops were growing, it became apparent that the 26 acre parcel was being used to grow cabbage and from then on people started calling this place “the Cabbage Patch”. In 2018 lot #1 went up for sale and there are 3 phases planned out with 35 lots altogether but construction is not yet underway..

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