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Syracuse Website Reconstruction

Is your website hopelessly outdated? Does it lack the content you need to be updated, or is the design tired? Maybe it needs to be reworked to be responsive, so mobile users can easily navigate it. No matter what the issue, we can reconstruct your website in WordPress and give it the updates it needs to function perfectly

Why Reconstruct Your Site?

Your website may have served you well for years, but like many marketing tools, it may be looking outdated and tired. A full website reconstruction or redesign can bring your website up-to-date and make it more user-friendly.

One of the key areas that often needs reconstruction is how your website is organized. You may have sections of the website that were once vitally important to your business but are now not as necessary. These sections may need to be reshuffled so they’re not directly linked from the homepage. On the other hand, you may need to bring new pages to the forefront.

This restructuring brings with it the need to reconstruct your navigation methods. Perhaps you now need to make use of drop down menus to allow customers to quickly navigate to the section of your website they need to visit, or maybe you need to categorize products differently. Updating and redesigning your navigate can be one of the most helpful changes to a website, making it easier to use.

Become Responsive

If your website isn’t responsive, mobile users are likely finding it difficult, if not impossible, to navigate. Reconstructing your website in WordPress will automatically make it responsive since WordPress includes this feature automatically. While most websites are fully responsive now, if yours is not, it’s time to update. Otherwise, you’re losing any customer who tries to look at your site on a phone or tablet.

Reconstructing your website doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Instead, it means updating the platform, navigation, design, and even the content to make the site more attractive and relevant to today’s users. It also often means a jump in traffic and sales, making it a key part of any e-Commerce website. Professional and Affordable Website Development Contact us today to discuss how we can refresh your website.

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