Why Do You Need Responsive Web Design?

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Why Do You Need Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is becoming more and more important in today’s age of smartphone supremacy. Just think back to the old days, when you had to use desktop sites on your phone. Remember how inconvenient that was? Zooming and scrolling all over the page to read the tiny text? Over 60% of internet traffic these days is on smartphones, and it’s so important for your brand that your customers have the best possible experience visiting your site. After all, 40% of customers who have a hard time on your website will end up going to a competitor.

Responsive Website Design Keeps Customers Happy

The number one benefit of utilizing responsive and mobile friendly web design is making visitors to your site happy. Remember, the whole point of a website is to reach and retain potential customers! And if viewers struggle to use your site, they’re not going to be reading the information you need them to read. They’ll likely just go elsewhere!

Control Your Website

Having a responsive design is also a great way to emphasize and guide potential customers to the information you want them to see. It helps you carefully refine the info on your site, making sure that visitors only get the most important stuff. Responsive website design allows you to control how your site is viewed, making it infinitely more effective for you.

All-Important Google Algorithms

Making sure that your website pops up first on Google searches is a vital part of digital marketing. Responsive, smartphone friendly web design is a big part of this, now more than ever. In 2015, Google changed their search algorithms to factor mobile presence into their rankings. That means that in order to keep your site visible on Google searches, you need to have a design that caters to mobile users.

These days, having an effective website is more important than ever to running a business. And responsive web design is more important than ever to an effective website! So when you’re setting up your online presence, remember to keep your design mobile friendly.

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