Advance your Non-Profit’s Mission with a Website

Advance your Non-Profit’s Mission with a Website

In today’s digital age, the leverage a professionally designed website can bring to your non-profit organization's outreach and marketing strategy makes investing in web design services worth it. A beautiful and functional website can create awareness and inform people about your cause, share your organization’s mission, help you get donations, and inspire others to get on board and become volunteers.

For instance, a global study focused on how donors prefer to give and engage with their favorite causes and charitable organizations found that “92% of donors worldwide say that NPOs [Nonprofit Organizations] must invest financial resources in digital communications in order to stay relevant” and that 55% of donors across the globe prefer to make their donations online using a debit or credit card. So, whether your non-profit’s cause is in education, poverty, hunger, personal development, housing, drug rehab, minority rights, legal, or spiritual assistance, hiring non profit web design services in Syracuse, NY, is something you should definitely consider.

What can a website do for your non-profit?

A professional web designer in Syracuse, NY, can help you create a visually appealing non-profit website with customized features that can automate certain processes in your organization. This can help you reduce workload, streamline processes, and save precious time and energy. Listed below are some features you can incorporate into your non-profit website:

  1. Accept donations: You can accept immediate one-time and recurring donations from your supporters with credit/debit cards and integrate other online payment systems like PayPal.
  2. Invite volunteers: Post volunteering opportunities, respond to applicants, and keep them posted on updates and events.
  3. Event management: Publish upcoming events and allow attendees to register and pay on your website.
  4. Create a content library: Allow visitors to learn more and educate themselves on your cause and mission through a resource library with convenient search tools.
  5. Link e-mail marketing platforms: Integrate e-mail marketing solutions into your website to keep connected to your supporters.
  6. Incorporate forms: Forms can help you gather information to contact visitors, for new campaigns, research, et cetera.
  7. E-commerce integration: Create an online shop to offer apparel, stickers, mugs, or other goodies to support your cause.
  8. Create a blog: Engage your supporters and inform them through articles, stories, and news reports. Furthermore, having a blog can help Internet users find your website by using Search Engine Optimization techniques (SEO) to rank your site higher in search results.

Contact your non-profit web designer in Syracuse, NY, for more information on how a professionally designed website can serve your NPO’s mission.